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Manufacturing High-Quality Custom Cable Assemblies For Medical Industry

As a leading medical cable assembly manufacturer, Cables Connection produce high quality cable assemblies for the medical industry. At Shen Zhen Cables Connection Co., Ltd., our time-proven design-to-delivery process, along with our experienced engineering team and cutting-edge technology, allow us to deliver supreme custom cable assemblies to our clients with a competitive price. 

Our cables can be used in applications where signal integrity is of prime importance. We provide precision products for both standard applications as well as OEM specific. Our varied product offerings, coupled with strong expertise, ensure us to create products that meet the stringent standards set by medical organizations. We provide seamless service even through electrical disturbances, shock and vibration, and rugged use. The jacket of the cables provides complete insulation, reducing any chances of crosstalk between electronic devices and cables.

Cable Assemblies for Medical Applications & Devices

When designing and manufacturing custom cable assemblies, design engineers must weigh several factors, such as the application, the environment in which they will be used, and size constraints. Design considerations include:

· Cable Jacket: The cable jacket is the protective outer structure that encloses the conductor and insulator shields. The jacket must provide resistance to heat, cold, chemicals, and electrical leakage.

· Shields: Materials used to insulate the conductors must be durable while also able to withstand flexing and movement.

· Conductor design: The design of the conductor normally consists of wire gauge, the flexibility, solid or stranded, and additional materials such as plating or coating. The higher the stranding, the higher the flexibility coefficient.